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American Institute of
Legal Advocates

How We Select Our Lawyers

The American Institute Of Legal Advocates was created as a invitation only collective, where the nations leading lawyers as well as up and coming legal talent could showcase their careers. By allowing our members to create detailed profiles, we are giving them a place to communicate to prospective clients & employers.

We review each applicant before inclusion, to ensure our database has only reputable attorneys. By keeping the quality of our members high, we distinguish ourselves from other law firm directories. The attorneys in our directory have demonstrated a commitment to ethical business practice and exemplified themselves not only as superb lawyers, but also as dedicated advocates for their clients who provide an above average degree of customer service and consistent, effective legal representation.

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Who are we?

Who Are

American Institute of Legal Advocates is an organization dedicated to finding the most recognized and ethical advocates in each state.

What we do

What Do
We Do?

The American Institute of Legal Advocates promotes and acknowledges attorneys who will fight for their clients all while upholding integrity in the profession.

How is an advocate nominated?

How Is An Advocate Nominated?

Nominations can be from any attorney in our organization, or you can request invitation and we will review your practice and reply quickly.

When you see the AIOLA seal on an attorney’s website,
You know they meet these criteria.

American Institute of Legal Advocates (AIOLA) is here to promote attorneys who not only have the highest ethical standards but also provide top tier advocacy for their clients. AIOLA reviews select candidates who have positive reviews for outstanding work in their field, positive recommendations of other lawyers in their field, along with no ethical concerns from their local licensing authority.

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