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I was born and educated in Tucuman, Argentina. I graduated from the National University of Tucuman with a juris doctor and became a practicing attorney in my country. After immigrating to the United States, I became licensed to practice law in California. I worked as a Deputy Public Defender in Tulare County with prior law clerking background where I gained experience in misdemeanors and felonies as well as juvenile defense.

When I relocated to San Mateo County in 2014, I opened my practice in this county and handled all types of cases from low level misdemeanors through general felonies, violent crimes, gang cases, domestic violence, theft crimes and drug cases as well as attempted murders, and currently a murder. I have also handled expungements as well as motions to withdraw pleas and vacate pleas. I have handled issues related to mental health and have advocated on specialty courts on behalf of my clients so they can obtain the treatment necessary to prevent situations that would lead to the commission of crimes. I have a strong trial experience and well as research and writing background which brings success in the pretrial stages of the proceedings by either truncating the prosecution at early stages of the case or by truly revealing the lack of proof of the allegations as charged. I am fluent in Spanish and know the difference between the legal system in the United States and the implementation and principles governing the system in South America.

I have a commitment to implement the best defense possible for my clients under the circumstances of each case considering all factors pertaining to the case as well as the challenges the client faces as a result of the accusations.

I take a whole approach attempting to achieve the best outcome for the client under the circumstances that he is facing. I am extremely dependable and work relentlessly on behalf of my clients because I understand the level of concern and worry that a criminal accusation brings into people’s life. I bring my experience, knowledge, and determination to minimize the damage that an accusation and/or arrest have on people and their families.