Lawyer Profile

Pete Simon graduated from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University in 2009, and Florida Coastal School of Law in 2013. He moved to Denver, Colorado in May of 2013 with his dogs Bodie and Hank, two pug mixes, and decided to open his own law office shortly after becoming a member of the bar. Pete has always had very strong family values and a passion for advocating on behalf of those values. With a business background, focusing on family law matters just makes sense for him. When he opened his office his goal was to help as many clients as possible, regardless of how much they could otherwise afford to pay for legal services, so he has implemented a collaborative, modest means limited representation approach which makes family law representation affordable to more of those in need. Pete was raised a Buckeye in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a person of unwavering conviction, Pete always cheers for the underdog and makes no qualms about taking the less-popular stance on issues in which he believes.