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Practicing in personal injury in Murrieta California, Matthew Vincent has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from California Southern Law School and is a practicing member of the State Bar of California.

Matthew Vincent has extensive experience inside Court and out. Matthew isn’t afraid to take your case all the way to the finish line. Whether it’s a routine Request for Order Motion or a lengthy trial Matthew has what it takes to put together a game plan and attack it with precision and confidence. Matthew holds himself to be an excellent trial attorney with experience in the Courtroom as well as a certificate of completion from the National Family Law Attorney Trial Institute .

Prior to becoming licensed to practice law for over 15 years Matthew had been a paralegal and law clerk for several respected attorneys.

Matthew prides himself on not just knowing the Courtroom but having extensive knowledge of the entire Court system.  His prior experience as a paralegal has proved to be priceless when combined with the actual practice of law. Knowing what to file; when to file; and how to prepare documents separates Matthew from the pack. Matthew can take a case and immediately without hesitation know exactly how to execute for immediate results.

Matthew has always had close bonds with the legal community. Having both a mother and father who were both attorneys, as well as many attorney family members, Matthew takes pride in his work and his ability to help others achieve and receive what they deserve.

If you need high quality personal legal representation call today and speak with Matthew for a FREE phone consultation.