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Jorge is a knowledgeable and dedicated leader with a diverse background varying from Real Estate, Business Law and Family Law. Of a Peruvian background and raised in NYC, Jorge has many experiences from one of the most diverse cities in the world. This experience contributed to his expertise and ability to connect with people from many different backgrounds. It is what motivated him when he founded Jorge Vasquez’s, New York Litigators Inc and Exit Realty Direct. Jorge knows what it takes to get whatever job he takes on. Unlike many practitioners, he has been on both sides of the table on various occasions. He knows what you are going through and has felt the same emotions, feelings and doubts that you have about the process and ultimately the outcomes. He will take the time to educate you on the process, give his professional advice, and allow you to make a decision for yourself based on what you feel are your needs, wants and desires. Unlike many professionals, Jorge is always a phone call away no matter where he may be in the world. He has taken this work ethic and taught it to his students and his staff so that they can take it and apply it in the working world. When Jorge is not with his students or actively engaged in the practice of Real Estate or Law, he is always traveling to expand his knowledge. He is constantly learning from his experiences and his peers. Whether he in a combat zone in Iraq, climbing the Pyramids at Giza, walking the streets of Jerusalem, trekking the Mountains of Kazakhstan, or literally grabbing the bull by its horns while running in Pamplona there are no limits to his ambitions in travel or in representing you and your best interests. Jorge doesn’t work for you because has to; he works for you because he wants to; he believes in helping people achieve peace of mind. Jorge and his staff are here to support you in every way. We look forward to helping you.