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Casey A. Reeves comes to Garwood Family Law and Mediation with vast experience in litigation, discovery and evidence. Having graduated near the top of his classes in these areas, Mr. Reeves went on to work in high stakes cases dealing in complex business and valuation issues. Mr. Reeves prides himself on his commitment to an open line of communication with his clients and recognizes the need to keep clients fully informed of all aspects of their case. When requested, Mr. Reeves takes an information gathering approach to the area of family law and uses the discovery process to fully vet all issues in a case. His love of the mediation process has enabled him to think outside the box when structuring settlements that benefits the law firms clients beyond measure. Mr. Reeves believes that the art of structuring the Marital Settlement Agreement and the subtleties associated with all that encompasses allows his clients to feel confident when walking into their new life. Mr. Reeves has the distinct honor of being a San Diego native. He attended San Diego State University for his under graduate degree and was the third in his immediate family to attend California Western.